Easter gifts – the non-chocolate alternative

happy easter card

Just after Christmas, normally Boxing Day, the supermarket shelves are filled with Easter eggs of all shapes and sizes, some with chocolates inside, some with chocolates displayed on the front of the box, but nonetheless, they all contain lots of chocolate. My grandson will be four months old this Easter, so obviously I won’t be buying him a chocolate egg, so it got me thinking, “What can I buy him that’s not chocolate?” And that led me onto thinking about other members of the family as well…


My first choice is Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory;

“Mr Bunny does not treat his chicken workers very well and they decide it’s time they fought back. They want better conditions, more holiday and better chicken rights. When they go on strike, he realises he should be treating them better.”

This books is witty and has some wonderful illustrations and I am sure it will become a tradition to read this book over the Easter holidays as he gets older.  You can buy it from The Book People and is on sale at £4.00.

harryNext is clothing, which appropriately does come from Next

I saw this bunny cardigan and immediately fell in love with it, it just looks so cute with the bunny ears and you can get it personalised which is a lovely touch. It’s ideal for the warmer weather which is hopefully on its way.  It costs £18 and you need to order it soon as it takes longer to deliver as it is personalized.


For the older child, there is a range of toys called Playmobil Gift Eggs. There is a huge range of different ones to choose, from Fairies with Magic Cauldron, to Pirates with cannons. They have an age range of 3 to 10 and 4 years plus, so take a look at that before you buy one.  The added bonus is that they do look like an Easter egg! The prices range from between £5 to £17, so they fit all price brackets. I found a lot of choice on Amazon, and I have linked to this Fairy one.

But what about the man in your life? Then how about Easter socks in a bag from John Lewis.  They cost £7.00 and come as a gift bag, clever huh?



How about a cast iron daffodil bird feeder from Not On The High Street, priced at £19.99 for the gardener in your family or someone who loves to see nature in their back garden.

You can choose to fill the centre with seeds or water.



plant-potsOr if you are feeling crafty, there’s the Easter egg ceramic plant pots from Baker Ross, a box of four costs £5.95.

“These egg-shaped ceramic plant pots are ideal for growing herbs and small plants. Decorate using our porcelain paint pens or acrylic paint then give as a gift. Size 8cm x 8cm.”

pensAnd if you don’t have porcelain pens, they sell these as well, price: £8.99.




So there you have it – my non-chocolate choices. What do you buy for Easter? Are you a chocolate giver or a non-chocolate giver? I’d love to know, please comment below on your gift choices and remember:

Easter is the only time when it’s safe to put all your eggs in one basket.



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