Life is a Lottery – Part Five

person using green typewriter

After what seemed like forever, Sam and Sandra had completed their stocktake, he was eager not to spend any more time than necessary at work on a Sunday, so he was pleased with the progress they had made.

Sam said goodbye to Sandra and drove home, hoping that Debbie had made one of her roast dinners that he enjoyed so much.

Yes, he was in luck, as he opened the front door, there was the unmistakable smell of a roast dinner wafting from the kitchen. After a quick shower, he sat at the dining table with Debbie as she asked him about his day. “Good day at the office?” she had enquired, “Yeah, we got a lot done today, I’m pleased with how much we accomplished,” he said as he put a roast potato in his mouth, there was no need to tell Debbie about Sandra crying in his office and him having to comfort her. Debbie had questioned “We,” and he told her that Sandra was there.

They had sex that night, Sam wanted the feeling of togetherness with Debbie, after Sandra’s revelation that her and Pete were splitting up, he wanted the assurance that they were still close.

The next few days were fairly uneventful, they went on with their daily routines, but Sam did notice that Debbie seemed to be wearing different clothes from her usual ones, they seemed better quality with a better cut and once when they were out, one of their friends had commented on her shoes, asking how Debbie could afford the Gucci shoes she was wearing to which Debbie had replied that they were her charity shop bargain.

One day, Sam got home early from work, he wondered where Debbie was, but then remembered that she had told him she had a hairdressers appointment, “Again,” he thought, “She’s always either at the hairdressers or the salon recently, she must be getting a steady stream of work lately to pay for all this.”

He wondered into the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea and whilst waiting for the kettle to boil he noticed Debbie’s laptop on the kitchen table, it was still on, so he reached over to grab it and switch it off.

As he did so, the screen burst into life and a bank account appeared, it was Debbie’s personal account and as he peered to look at her balance, what he saw was about to change his life forever…










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