Life is a Lottery – Part Six

person using green typewriter

Sam looked at the balance of Debbie’s account is astonishment, how on earth did she get that much money? Did a relative die that he didn’t know about? He scrolled back through her transactions, she certainly had had a great time spending this money, she had spent money at shops that normally they wouldn’t even venture in, knowing they could never afford their prices.

Sam scrolled down a bit further and saw a transaction that made his gasp, “One million pounds transferred from Camelot,” he said, “She won the lottery and failed to mention this to me!” He was transfixed by the screen, trying to come to terms with what he was seeing and not quite believing it.

He scrolled down the history on the computer, she had browsed lots of different cruises, “Well, she hasn’t gone on one of them, I’m sure I would have missed her if she had,” he thought bitterly, she had Googled cars, played online bingo. “Hey, what’s this?” he exclaimed, “She’s signed up for a dating agency, Love Mate.” He leant back in the chair, “Why would she do that?” he couldn’t think why, he thought they were okay, but obviously she didn’t.

Sam closed the laptop, he was in shock, he didn’t know which was worse, the fact that she had hidden the fact that she had won the lottery or that she had signed up for a dating agency.  He closed the laptop and minutes later, he heard a key turn in the lock and Debbie entered the kitchen, smiling and asking what he wanted for tea.

The next day Sam was in his office, he had tried to act as normal last night and hopefully Debbie was non the wiser.  He logged onto his work computer and Googled the Love Mate dating site and when he found it, he joined. Sam started going through the members until he came across Debbie’s profile, at first he didn’t recognise her, her picture was obviously a photoshoot, he began to feel that he didn’t know her at all.

When Sam had joined the site, he had used a false name as he didn’t want anyone to know he was on this site, but as he scrolled through Debbie’s profile, he began to hatch a plan…







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