Week Four – Dairy Week

Warning: there are spoilers in this blog – who won star baker, who left the show, who did Paul give a handshake to, what necklace was Prue wearing, things along those lines.

So to this week’s theme of Dairy Week – I wonder who will be the creme de la creme or who will be whey down the bottom? Will it be rice puddings? Porridge? Or even my all time favourite, Angel Delight?

No, we start off the Dairy Cake signature, where they must bake a cake containing a cultured dairy product, which means the moisture in the cake needs to be just right. Cue Michael, (last week’s Star Baker) who decides to use two types of dairy into his bake and then who pays dearly for that decision when his cake sticks to the mould. But, luckily for him, Prue and Paul say it tastes lovely.

Helena makes a ghost-shaped cake and Noel declares, “I love you,” to which Helena replies, “I’ve told my husband I’m divorcing him so we can marry on Halloween.” I love the chemistry between these two…

See the source image

David’s limoncello-glazed lemon and poppyseed yoghurt cake is a hit with the judges as is Steph’s banana-chocolate cake. Phil and Priya struggle with the flavours in their cakes.

Now onto the Technical, they are to make 12 Maids of Honor, apparently a favourite of Henry VIII. No, I haven’t heard of them either and neither has anyone in the tent it soggy-bottomseems. Paul and Prue discuss the bake and even manage to get in the “soggy bottom” joke – I bet Mary wishes she had trademarked that! Everybody struggles with this Technical and as Paul and Prue walk into the tent, they are tempted to walk straight back out again, obviously not very impressed at all. Priya is last, she spent far too long on the curd and so didn’t have time to finish the bake and just had a couple strewn across the plate.  First is Steph and second is David, which means that either one of them will probably be Star Baker this week. 

Onto the Showstopper: I have to say that Dairy Week hasn’t really set my cooking genes racing to the kitchen to try out the recipes like it does on other weeks, but maybe the Showstopper would? The bakers must produce an assortment of mishti, Indian milk-based sweets typically served at weddings. Nope, I think I’ll stick to my Angel Delight!

Once again, Steph triumphs in this challenge with David still hot on her heels with his elderflower, pistachio and blueberry flavours. Those who don’t fare so well are Phil, Prue critiques his bake as “kindergarten Play-Doh,” and Henry who had a disaster with his raspberry kulfi ice cream, which simply would not set, leaving a puddle on the presentaton dish and declaring, “You’d eat it if you were a prisoner. Maybe.”

The award for best Tweet goes to Anastazia:


The Star Baker this week was Steph and the person who had to leave was Phil.  I can’t say that I entirely agreed with this decision, I mean, even though Priya redeemed herself in the Showstopper, Paul refused to taste her Technical dish.

Four down, nine to go – who will be next?

My three bakers are still in – Henry, David and Michelle. Next week is the Roaring 20s, some will get in a flap, but here’s hoping it’s a good one!


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