Strictly – Week Three – Movie Week

Please note that there will be spoilers in this blog – so if you don’t want to know who left, click away now!

Saturday’s Show

The Strictly Incredibles

Movie week kicked off with a bang with the pros dancing as The Incredibles, Up and Toy Story.  Apart from Halloween and Blackpool, this is my favourite week….

Once again, as there is still quite a long list of dancers, I will attempt to sum up in one word:

  • Michelle and Giovanni: Quickstep – Manifique – 35 points (3 point increase)
  • Alex and Neil: Rumba – Stilted – 23 points (1 point increase)
  • Chris and Karen: American Smooth – Progress – 22 points (4 point decrease)
  • Karim and Amy: Samba – Spikey – 26 points (6 point decrease)
  • Kathryn and Johannes: Rumba – Beautiful – 32 points (12 point increase)
  • Will and Janette: Paso Doble – Shaping – 23 points (1 point decrease)
  • Kelvin and Oti: Charleston – Superb – 38 points (10 point increase)
  • Emma and Aljaz: Foxtrot – Elegant – 28 points (6 point increase)
  • Anneka and Kevin: Charleston – Frantic – 11 points (8 point decrease)
  • Saffron and AJ: Paso Doble – Strong – 28 points (5 point increase)
  • Mike and Katya: Cha Cha Cha – Fun – 18 points (4 point increase)
  • David and Nafiya: American Smooth – Improved – 16 points (6 point increase)
  • Emma and Anton: Salsa – Enjoyable – 27 points (3 point increase)
  • Dev and Dianne: Street Commercial – Fresh – 36 points (9 point increase)

There was a lot of increases in points this week, but a huge 8 point decrease for Anneka and Kevin and a massive increase of 12 points for Kathryn and Johannes.

Mike and Katya went all out with their characterisation again this week and Mike went from Buffalo Bushell last week to Magic Mike Bushell this week. Katya fell over at the end of the routine and again at the top of the stairs, but I think the second fall may have been on purpose…. There were rumours that she was drunk? But she refuted these in a Tweet:


One of the funniest moments this week was when Craig commented on Anton’s appearance, saying he was distracted by the wig, glasses and false teeth, when to Craig’s astonishment he was told that they were Anton’s own teeth, Craig looked genuinely upset and apologised profusely to Anton.

Which leads me nicely onto my Tweet of the Week from Simon says….


So the scores are in:

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Sunday’s Show

Every week Tess says that the results are, “In no particular order,” but I think the truth is they are in “Dramatic Order.”  When there is the silence between the names of couples going out, do you try and guess which one Tess will say? We do – that could probably be a good drinking game!


After a dance off between David James and Anneka Rice, the judges unamiously decided on Anneka to leave.

Anneka was very matter of fact about it and joked that at her son’s wedding next year she’ll be able to dance instead of just handing round the canopies.

So onwards to Week Four – who will be leaving next week? I can’t wait to find out….







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