Week 7 – Festival Week

This blog contains spoilers of who has left, who won star baker, who received a Hollywood Handshake and what necklace Prue was wearing…

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Festival Week – they had the tent, perhaps they were going to Mary Glaston-Berry…. sorry! But no, it wasn’t that kind of festival at all.

Signature Dish

This week it was to bake 24 yeasted buns. Steph, Michael and Alice go for the hot cross buns, with Michael mixing Christmas with Easter. David is going Bulgrarian with a kozunak, Henry is doin a kardemummabullar, a word that Henry quite likes and Rosie is visiting Finland with a lakiaspullar.

Picture courtesy of Scott Bryan from Twitter

Top of the class this week for their signature dishes was David, Steph and Henry, with Henry and Steph receiving the Hollywood Handshake.

Henry is in shock and tells Paul to, “Shut up,” with Prue replying, “I don’t think you should say, ‘Shut up’ to the judge.”

Rosie’s are described as ‘squat’, Alice’s as ‘irregular’ and Michael’s are uneven because of the volume of fruit he’s put in them.

Technical Challenge

12 Sicilian cassatelle is Paul’s request for the Technical. This involves using a deep fat frier, much to Michael’s dismay, he didn’t get on well with the frier last time.

Technical Challenge positions:

6th – Alice; 5th – Michael; 4th – Steph; 3rd – Henry; 2nd – David; 1st – Rosie.  David once again is second, that’s five times in seven weeks.

Sandi remarks that David has, “Very nice buns,” and Henry says he is, “Covering my cracks with leaves,” so the double endres are back with a vengence this episode.


This time it’s Kek Lapis, the Sarawak celebratory cake, basically a Battenburg but with a lot more layers. This cake is different because instead of baking the layers, they are grilled, both Rosie and David manage to burn their layers, resulting in David producing a very small cake.

My Tweet of the Week from Jamie90:


Steph does a good job, Rosie’s is described as messy, Michael’s is rubbery, Henry does a pretty good job, David’s is interesting and Alice’s is extremely neat and clever.

This week Henry is crowned Star Baker and the person who leaves is Michael. So my choices of Henry and David are still there, though I suspect Steph is the favourite to win this series.


So six become five and next week is the quarter finals and it is Pastry Week – I’m pleased that it’s a classic episode, but who will be flaky and whose bake will be pie in the sky?

Keep baking!



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