Time off from your mobile

Every morning I take my dog, Tia, for a walk. Not too far, just about two miles a day, through the woods and along the beach.

This morning I was walking through the woods and I had this sudden feeling that something wasn’t quite right. I checked my back left pocket of my jeans, nothing there, checked my right one, just my front door key, I checked my left pocket of my jacket, poo bags in that one, my right pocket, nope nothing there. I racked my brains, “Where was the last time I saw it?”

I suddenly remembered that I had left it on the window sill of the bathroom….  oh no, I’VE LEFT MY MOBILE AT HOME!

Up until discovering the loss of my mobile, I had been happily walking with Tia, but now I know I can’t use my phone, it’s a different story.

Suddenly these thoughts creep into my head, “I need to check my emails,” I can’t do that! “I need to look at my text messages for work that has been sent to me,” I can’t.  “That would be a lovely picture of Tia for Instagram,” nope, not happening. I can let everyone know about my lovely walk on Facebook, no can do. I need to phone my hubby about something that was happening later that day, again, not possible.

I give myself a talking to, “Look, what’s the problem? Why don’t you just enjoy the peace and quiet?” So that’s what I do. I look at the trees, smell the freshness of an early morning and wonder at Mother Nature. I look at Tia running through the woods, tail wagging, excitedly following a recent scent and I know she has the right idea, just live for the moment and don’t worry about what you might be missing in Facebook or Twitter land.

I finish my walk and retrieve my phone, steeling myself for the barrage of missed phone calls, unread mail and messages. I look at it, it’s blank, nothing, so actually nobody missed me whilst I was on my walk and the world kept turning!

environment forest grass leaves

Quote: “I miss those days when you could push somebody into a swimming pool and not worry about their mobile.”



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