Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

May 6th


Liz came down, chatted and listened to music. I passed my RSA Stage II typing exam. Got new batons in majorettes.


Nadina went to HQ today. I got Jan’s shoes heeled for her at dinnertime. I’m still sore from falling over yesterday, it hurts a lot.


Margaret went into hospital today. I bought Spandau Ballet’s new record, True. Watched Poltergeist film, it was really good. Alan phoned from friendship club.

Spandau Ballet’s first number one single, and definitely one of my all-time favourite songs!


Majorettes was from 10 until 12, most girls turned up. Mr and Marten were there. Took Jean home and then met Paul Kimber in town, where we went to a couple of pubs.


Family came round, including Pam, and Hannah tried on her bridesmaid dress which fitted her lovely. It was a lovely day.

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