Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

May 1st


French exam was okay, it was in Room 18. History was terrible! I’ve failed for sure! Carol Crouch came to French exam on crutches. I had a letter from the police to confirm my job!


Driving lesson was okay, he had his son in the back seat! Went over town and got Barry Manilow album for Pam. Went to Nero’s nightclub with Pam and Anna, it was okay, got some beer spilled over me.

The title song from the album I bought, I Wanna Do It With You!


Had a slight ‘disagreement’ in majorettes about I Can Do Anything Better Than You Can. Met Steve and Dave in country park, then met Steve along afterwards and spent most of the time kissing.


I completed most of the post by myself today. Bev T is back.


Work was okay – I can’t really remember what I did today as I’m writing this on the 7th May!

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