Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

May 17th


Aunty Rene and Uncle Arthur came down, we went to Hamble Quay. Met Pam’s new boyfriend, Roy, he seems okay.


Not much work today. Margaret let us go at 4:50, saw Lisa, Marie and Anna on the bus going home, Anna’s got a new job.


Helen is sort of talking to me now. Did typing most of the day, keeping out of the way. Got Abba The Movie video for £30. Rained most of the day so stayed in and watched the Abba video.

This was a mockumentary about Abba during their Australian tour. It coincided with Abba: The Album and the film featured a DJ who is trying to get an interview with the band. It includes lots of their songs from the new album and many of their earlier hits.


Spent dinner time with Beverly T, bought a new top and skirt, black. Alan phoned again. Paul phoned as well.


We have got the keys to the new flat! Went round there with our engagement presents with mum and dad. Took the ingredients for the wedding cake to Flo.

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