Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

May 16th


Went to town with Lisa and got 3 tops and a skirt. We saw Butlocks carnival which was okay, Sally was walking next to the sports float.


Sally, Alan and Kelly came round, mum’s not very well. Watched a good film about a deaf and dumb girl starring Melissa Gilbert.


Jan told me off at work about Helen and Bev and her engagement. I heard Helen say that Bev’s engagement was far too quick and she shouldn’t get engaged and then I told Bev what she had said. Took half day off annual leave, was kind of told to, but probably best as they’re not talking to me. Majorettes was good, learnt Friday Night. Alan came round and then I met Steve down the country park.


Work was fine. Paula is leaving majorettes. New girl joined. Paul picked me up and we went for a drink then to his caravan. Alan, the sailor from yesterday rang twice, but I was out.


Had to do the trips again today. Got invitations for wedding. Solicitors letter saying we have to pay 32 for maintenance and ground rent on flat.

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