Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

April 16th


Started a dance twirl to Singing In the Rain, really enjoying it. Didn’t win the Grange Hill competition.

One of the most popular TV programmes when I was growing up, the lives of school kids at Grange Hill.


No work from about 11 until 1. Dad isn’t very well. He went to doctors and is off work for a week. We’ll Meet Again was good this week.


Went over town with Hannah. Bought a new dress and shoes. Saw Kids From Fame concert, brilliant! Touched Danny, Leroy, Lydia and Bruno!!

Not filmed at Southampton Gaumont, but The Albert Hall, the first half hour of the concert that I saw.


Margaret and Jan not at work today. Not much work to do. Because they were both off, there was no-one to do up summonses!! I wrote a letter to travel company cancelling the holiday me and Sue were going to go on.


Busy at work, did a lot of summonses. Vanessa broke up with Gavin. Phil came round after work.

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