Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

April 13th


School was okay but RE was dreadful. I nearly fainted in Biology, we had to inject an orange, I felt really dizzy, but managed not to faint! Went swimming with Wendy and Carol.


Jan was off annual leave today. Susan Emery was in the Echo as she is the Hamble Carnival Queen. Had a pamper night, hair washed and face pack and moved bedroom around. Dollar’s best of album out on Thursday!


Not a lot happened today, met Steve down Royal Victoria Country Park. Watched Dallas which was good.


College was in main building today, only four of us turned up. Played netball against Testwood team, it was great fun but very exhausting!


Went over town with Phil, had a meal at Palm Court Restaurant, Phil went to work and I watched a Dracula film with mum. Roy and Pam.

I really can’t remember which Dracula film it was, but my sister, Pam, was very much into that sort of stuff, so it was probably very scary!

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