Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

May 15th


Work was okay, Margaret wasn’t there today. Jeannette’s car broke down in Woolston. Mum met me at dinner time and I opened a bank account at Lloyds. Sally and Alan came round.


Driving lesson was good today, filled in application form for driving test. Went up Sally’s with mum. Saw Butlocks carnival, there was only about three floats, three carnival queens and a majorette troupe.


Three new girls at majorettes, Sue French joined. Went to Hamble May Fayre with Lisa and Sue. Went down the Country Park with Steve.


Margaret went to Veals in the morning at work. We went ice skating after work with Nadina and Jean. I fell over twice and got bruised knee and hands – met a sailor from Pompey.


Vanessa wasn’t very well, so I did the trips for her today. Jean went home at dinnertime as she was feeling ill too. Phil came round in the evening.

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