Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

April 9th


We had the ice cream man at school today – Wendy bought me and Carol one. Watched the first years playing netball and then played badminton.


No work today as it’s Good Friday – Went to Wimbourne Market with mum and dad. We went down the beach and saw Canberra leave for the Falklands.

HMS Andromeda and Canberra off Port Stanley, Falkland islands just after the surrender of Argentina forces on 14 June 1982


Took Bruce up to Sally and Alan’s with mum. Corbiere won the Grand National, dad won the bets. Dave asked me out, but I said no.

Corbiere – winner of the Grand National


Mum got me Thriller on video. Sue came round to watch it with me, but she stormed off when I said about cancelling our holiday!


Back to work today, Wendy was off so Beverley T had to do trips – she wasn’t happy about it. I stayed in dinnertime and chatted with Vanessa.

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