Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

April 7th


French oral was okay – my mind went a bit blank and so I answered a lot of the questions with, “très intéressant” (very interesting) which seemed to amuse the French examiner! We had a meeting about a prefect trip to London. I had a phone call from the police, who said that I didn’t get the job!


Helen was back at work, so I was back upstairs typing summonses. I didn’t go to training at lunchtime, went into town and bought Abba: The Lyrical Collection at last! Jacky (an ex-employee) came in and Mr Muncaster asked her to leave!

As I was searching for a picture of this online, I discovered a first edition on Ebay for £100 – I need to take a look in the loft and see if I still have mine!


Not much happened at work today. Steve rang and wanted to see me, but I had already said I would go see Lisa. We went down chip shop and ate chips at the beach.


Competition day today, I did basic and fancy strut and my solo, didn’t win anything. Went up to Top Rank with Sue, met a guy named Dave.


Didn’t do much today, spent most of it in my bedroom playing records. Phil came round, but had to go to work. Went to bed early, got to get up early tomorrow!

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