Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

April 6th


Hockey wasn’t very good today, I got hit by the hockey ball in the leg and it really hurt – starting to get a lovely bruise. Revised for my French Oral exam tomorrow. Cleaned my bike, it looks very good!


Helen didn’t come to work today, she’s ill, so we had to swap jobs around, I worked downstairs with Bev. Bought the Olivia Newton-John tape, Physical. Got my letter from HQ to say that I have passed the probation period.

The single, Physical, was released from this album, a song which was originally offered to Tina Turner.


Nadina on annual leave today, so I got the bus in. I met Steve and Dave down the Country Park, I fell over a log!! Held hands with Steve and he gave me a kiss goodnight!


College wasn’t open today?? So I came home and went to netball with Nadina, Sue and Bev in the evening and then got ready for competition tomorrow.


Went over town with Phil, then went back to his house and met his Aunty and Uncle who come from Canada, then we all went down to Petters Club for the disco.

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