Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 27th


School was okay, Angela told me that she fancied Andrew Nineham. Pam, Abby and Cassie came to tea and we watched a Barry Manilow concert.

I know this is far too late for a concert in 1981, but I love this clip and don’t need much of an excuse to show it! Barry Manilow was Pam’s favourite artist.


Went to Gaumont Theatre with mum and dad and saw Bruce Foresyth. Nadina and Gary were there. Had a driving lesson, three point turns and reversing around a corner. It was the last Swap Shop. Went round to Anna’s house.

Bruce Forsyth was my mum’s favourite performer.


Me and mum took Bruce for a walk then I took him for a long walk. Met up with Dave and Steve; Dave had a new motorcyle.


Late in at work today, bus never showed up. Beverley not at work today. Walked home from work.


Work okay, Beverley and Vanessa back. Phil met me after work, and then he came round after he had finished work.

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