Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 25th


I got a letter from Hampshire Constabulary to say I have an interview for a job, it’s on April 3rd!! Carol and Angela came round, it was great fun, we listened to some music and talked about everyone!


Work was fun today, we were singing songs in the afternoon. Mr. MacDonald wants to see me tomorrow. Margaret came in late today, she had had a late night!


Today was great! Got my Abba tape and I got a black Labrador dog called Bruce! I took him for a walk around the country park. He’s a rescue dog, so he’s a bit nervous, but I didn’t take him off the lead, just in case!

This isn’t Bruce, but it’s the closest picture I could find that looked like him!


Clocks went back today – mum and dad came down to hall and watched the new majorette routine. Sue came round.


Bev was off sick and Vanessa on annual leave, so I did court clerk job today. Met Phil dinnertime and we filled in the building society form for mortgage. Went to Petters and Harrier pub and caught the last bus home from Hamble.

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