Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 24th


Mum went to the hospital to see Sally and the baby. Dad rode my bike to collect his car!


Did some sprinting training today – now my legs hurt! So does Nadina’s! The Echo phoned me today to say that there is going to be a meeting with the unions about the job. One Step Further, Bardo, to represent the UK in Eurovision Song Contest.

Our entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – it finished seventh. It featured Sally Ann Triplett and Stephen Fischer.


Sweet Dreams with I’m Never Giving Up won the Song for Europe contest, so they’re representing us, it’s an okay song. Dad didn’t go to work, he’s still not feeling well.


Went out to the Royal Oak, Park Tavern and then Fridays. Met Richard, he seemed really nice, gonna give me a call.


Showed mum and dad maisonette and then went to a flat in Weston. Really like that one, we put in an offer for £20,000 and it got accepted! Went for a drink to celebrate!

Our first flat we lived in – the window on the bottom floor, far right was ours! We loved it there, but the maintenance fee was quite expensive.

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