Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 22nd


I tidied up my bedroom today and listened to new Abba album mostly, love Gonna Sing You My Love Song. Watched the Royal Variety Awards, Rowan Atkinson won funniest person.

Lead vocals by Anni-Frid, it wasn’t released as a single.


Went to a David Essex concert with Liz – his support act was really good, he was called Paul Goodman from Scotland. Liz’s dad picked us up, he was in a really bad mood.

Number one for three weeks in October, 1975.


Jean had to do Karen’s job today, she moaned about it all the time! Went up to Paula’s house to teach her the new routine, she’s a really slow learner! Alan’s mum cut Kelly’s hair without Sally’s permission, Sally was very angry!


Margaret was off most of this afternoon, so we had the radio on. Saw Doctor Hook at the Gaumont with Helen, Jean, Jan and Nadina from work. Went to the Tom Tackle before and had a drink or two.

American rock band. I hadn’t really heard of them but was persuaded to go by Helen and Jan – I really enjoyed it, they were good!


Phil got the job at The Dolphin Hotel in Southampton. He says he has found a nice maisonette, will go and see it tomorrow.

The Dolphin Hotel in Southampton, it’s supposed to be haunted! We would have our wedding reception here.

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