Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

May 13th


Typing going through red traffic lights summonses now. Went on the train to work, seems to be better. Majorettes was good, practised Carnival.


No work from 2 to 5, played some games. Anna came round – talked. She told me that Trev got a summons for due care. Mum and Dad’s photo was in The Southern Evening Echo’s window, watching QE2 going out to the Falklands War.


Got told off by Mr Muncaster for putting someone’s name down as MEEKS when it should have been WEEKS! Got rid of Alan and Dave, and am starting afresh. Bought Kool and the Gang’s cassette, Twice As Kool – love it.

The tracklist was all their biggest hits including Ladies Night, Big Fun, Celebration, Take It To The Top and Ooh La, La, La (Let’s Go Dancin’)


Majorettes was good – put Sarah S in as drum major. Paul came round and we went to a May Fayre, got some pot noodles and watched a video, then went out in his van. Got love bites on my neck!


Wendy wasn’t at work today. Met Phil at dinnertime, the solicitors bill is £492. Went to the Prince Consort for some dinner and a drink.

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