Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 20th


Got 19/20 for RE test. Mum said that I could take out £35 from the building society.


Had a good driving lesson today – drove to the New Forest and back again, of course! Went metal detecting with mum. Watched Dallas.


Missed my bus for majorettes so had to go back and get my bike and cycle to Hamble. They liked my routine, gonna use it for the competition. Mum and dad went to Frank’s. I did some taping for Jean.


Jean showed us the pictures of her new house at work today, it’s in Hedge End. She’s very excited. Alan picked me up in his car, it was a yellow Porsche, we went for a drink in The Harrier. I told him the long way around the village to get there, hoping that someone would see me in it! Had a few drinks, he was a bit boring, not sure i’ll be seeing him again. When I got home, somebody else phoned from the Friendship Club, gonna see him on Monday.

A yellow Porsche – I liked the car more than I liked him!


Spent dinnertime with Bev – went to Tyrell and Greens, which I usually don’t go to, it’s a bit too grown up for me, but Bev loves it there (she’s a bit posh!)

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