Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 19th


Sally had a false alarm with the baby. Alan came round to let us know about Sally.


Horrible day today!!!! Echo phoned up to tell me that they couldn’t offer me the job because their union wouldn’t allow it! Seems that they have to offer it to people in the union before they can offer it to me! Not fair, they should have told me sooner! Margaret told me off about a file that was mis-filed, I was downstairs cos Karen was off today! Went up to Sally’s for dinner – Kelly is walking now.


Went for a walk up to Sally’s. Found out that Alan had Singing In The Rain by Sheila B. Devotion, so I borrowed it cos I want to make up a majorette routine to it. Saw Liz in her car.

A 1978 disco version of Singing In The Rain.


Margaret in a really good mood at work. Spent dinnertime with Nadina and Jean. Watched video called “Funhouse” – it was really scary!


Had to do the trips today – hate doing them, especially going over to Court and Magistrates Clerks. Paul gives me the creeps! Phil came round, he’s working Sunday and off Thursday.

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