Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 16th


I scored an amazing basket in PE tody – we were playing basketball and I threw the ball across the court and it went straight into the basket, even Mrs Wilkie was impressed!


Work was good – Margaret was off in the afternoon, so because we didn’t have much work we played a game with initials of groups. I bought, “Abba: In Their Own Words” and I ‘went’ to typing classes.

This had interviews the group did plus never before seen pictures of them.


Margaret was off work ill today. Bought mum’s Mother’s Day present, a pot plant. There still aren’t any suitable dogs at the RSPCA, I think mum is really begining to like the idea of having a dog! Pam phoned asking if I wanted to go out with her on Friday night – told her I would think about it.


Only four of us in college today. Bought new trousers and a shirt, Nadina bought a skirt and top. Practiced routine at Pat C’s house.


Did some overtime at work today. It was Wendy, me, Margaret and Jan, it was good fun actually. Went round Phil’s house, drank some pomagne.

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