Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 15th


Watched James Bond film today and practised two-baton routine. Mum cooked a lovely Sunday lunch.


Margaret came back from leave today, she called me into her office to say that I had two days owing to me before I leave. Gonna take the 7th and 8th April so I actually finish on the 6th April! Anna phoned to say she has been made redundant.


Spent dinnertime with Bev C and i bought the new Bucks Fizz album. Lisa gave me £13 for her Kids From Fame ticket.

The singles released from this album were If You Can’t Stand The Heat and Run For Your Life. it reached number 17 in the Album Chart.


Saw Neil at dinnertime and gave him his present. Top Of The Pops was good tonight. I bought some new shoes and also got Sue’s present. Bought Thompson Twins and Matt Bianco records.

This was their debut single and it reached number 15 in the charts. It was used as the theme tune to a New Zealand children’s breakfast show, What Now.


Bought mum’s Mother’s Day present today. Spent dinnertime with Vanessa, two boys invited us to a party!

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