Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 14th


Enjoyed majorettes a lot tonight, we had a new teacher called Sharon and she showed us a two-baton routine. I bought Star by Kiki Dee. Mum and dad sorted out a load of jumble.

I loved this song, it reached number 13 in the charts. Her real name is Pauline Matthew


Visited Frank and Krys today with mum and dad, they have a snooker table in their garage so we played on that a lot. Richard came round in the afternoon. Frank let me tape Dead Ringer.

The single Dead Ringer was a duet with Cher and reached number 5 in the charts. Even though I love pop music, the lyrics of Meatloaf songs are incredible!


Back to work today, Helen, Bev and Karen were all off today. Picked up my glasses they are red! Mum looked after Abbie and Cassie today, Pam picked them up with her new boyfriend, Nigel – bit of a drip!


Majorettes was a drama today, Toni, Sharon and Sarah had a massive row. Went down to Sue’s house and her sister highlighted my hair for me, it looks okay. Wrapped up Neil’s present.


Work was good today – Sharon’s birthday so we all went to the pub at lunchtime and had a drink. Everyone was in a good mood! Phil met me after work and we went round to his house for tea.

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