Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 12th


School was okay – I took the Rubik’s cube and I can now do one side really easily. Mrs Bagley, told four boys off for eating at the back of the classroom during French lesson. Miss Cave set a piece of paper on fire in cooking today.


I handed my notice in at work today, to go and work for the Echo newspaper – I have to give a month’s notice. Dad phone up to see how I got on. Margaret was okay about it. I taped one C90 full of songs from the radio.


We went up to the hospital to see Sally and baby Lee. Alan and Kelly came round for some tea, we all went for a walk around Netley.


Sheila off work for a week, Jan doing her job. Margaret did the post, kept calling us into her office cause we had all made mistakes! Went up to Pat’s house and taught Nicki, Rachel and Sarah a new routine to It’s Raining Men, they picked it up really quick.


I done ADP again, Beverley still off. Phil met me after work and we watched Fame the movie round my house.

An American teen musical drama set in New York City – it chronicles the lives of students attending the High School of Performing Arts and I loved it!

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