Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

May 12th


Second day of work! Did parking summonses as well as speeding summonses. Went to CA’s at dinnertime.


Went training, only once around 400 metre track. QE2 left Southampton, lots of traffic jams. Went to Carrefours with mum and dad, got a nice summer dress for £5.99.

QE2 left Southampton docks for the Falklands War with 3000 troops on board.


Sheila off sick again. Bought new Kids From Fame album. Agnetha on Top Of The Pops. Mum said that Dave isn’t allowed in the house anymore. Alan? Getting rid of both!

Agnetha promoting her upcoming single, The Heat Is On and her new album, Wrap Your Arms Around Me


Picked up Bev T from Woolies, then we went to the Tom Tackle. Bev saw an old friend there and then we went to Top Rank where I saw Paul.


Aunty Rene and Uncle Arthur came round, we went to Hamble May Fayre with Phil. Sharon Graham is Carnival Queen.

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