Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 8th


Played Monopoly with Sally and Alan, I won! Watched a good Agatha Christie film – 7 Dials Mystery.


Anna came round to tonight and told me she was going out with a married man – Kevin! He’s 14 years older than her. Sally’s the same, not gone into hospital.


Doctor Wilson came round again, he gave me an injection in my bum this time – boy, that hurt. Mum let me go into her bed during the day, so I could watch TV.


Work was good – Margaret and Jan were off in the afternoon, so no-one to supervise us! Went to Dina’s house after work, then to Jean’s and then we all went to the Tom Tackle pub in Southampton. I saw Neil there.

Note: There is an unsolved murder case linked to the Tom Tackle pub!

IPCC will not investigate original Teresa De Simone investigation | Daily Echo


Jean was getting on my nerves at work today. Phil went for a job interview at BP Oil and in the evening we went for a drink at the Station Hotel. (He didn’t ask for ID this time).

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