Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 6th


School was okay – I only got 11/20 for my RE test. Lisa got a puncture in her bike on way home, so had to push bikes. Watched Starsky and Hutch, Hutch is v. v. hunky, he was singing in a club in tonight’s episode.


Nobody was in the house from 8 to 1 today, it was weird having no-one around. Had my driving lesson in the afternoon, it wasn’t very good. I don’t enjoy driving, I get really nervous before a lesson. Parkinson was good it had Kenny Everett on it. Mum told me that Sally might be having a miscarriage, need to wait to find out.


Went to majorettes at Hamble today, did a bit of basic training with the older girls. Frank and his family came down for the day. I went for a walk in the evening with Dave, around the Royal Victoria Country Park.


Had to do Assistant Court Clerk job at work today, have to pull a trolly up the road and across to the main building. It’s okay, but you don’t get to sit down much! Me and Sue were talking in the telephone box and a lady chucked us out cos we weren’t making a telephone call – ha ha. So we wnet round to my house and listened to some records.


Phil had his haircut today – quite short. He met me after work and we looked round some furniture shops. Feels very grown up deciding on furniture for the flat!

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