Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 3rd


We did an experiment on a gerbil at school today, it was gutted and dried out, so it was an old gerbil, it was interesting to see inside it. Watched Robin’s Nest on TV.

Follow-on from Man About The House where Robin has now opened a new bistro. My favorite character was Albert Riddle, the one-armed kitchen hand.


I didn’t go to work today, I felt ill. Sally was really ill, Alan called the doctor out for her. Watched Minder and Parkinson, both were good! I love the Minder theme tune, great that Dennis Waterman sings it!


Lisa came round to my house, she said that she would like to go and see Fame with me! It’s so exciting to get to see Danny – can’t believe I’m going to see him!! Sue said that her and her mum were starting up a new majorette troupe, she asked if Lisa and me would join it.


Went down to Sue’s house and we caught the bus into Southampton, went to the Royal Oak pub first, had a few drinks and then went up to the Top Rank. It was over 20’s, so I was the right age, but Sue is only 18, but she managed to get in.


Phil and I went to see another flat in Weston this time, it was a bit cheaper at £19,950, we both liked it. Went up to see Sally and Alan, chatted with them for ages.

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