Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

May 11th


Went to work for my first day! It was really good – I typed out speeding summonses. Lisa met me at the bus stop. Watched The Sweeney.


Not much work today, played the alpha game. Sat in park with Nadina all lunchtime. Went to typing, but I forgot my glasses!


Sheila was off sick today. We made up our own police alphabet. Went to ballet with mum and dad, Dave, Dave’s mum, sister and friend and Alan. It was a good laugh, Helen and her friend, Cheryl were there too.


Went over town and got a skirt and top, quite nice. Paul picked me up in van, we went to Shamblehurst Barn.


Went over Phil’s in morning. Jean and Roger came round, watched a couple of videos. It was the Bradford Fire Disaster.

The Bradford City stadium fire occurred during a Third Division match between Bradford City and Lincoln City killing 56 spectators and injuring at least 265.

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