Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

May 10th


Pam came down by herself. Lisa came round and we ate some Instant Whips.

This brand has disappeared now, maybe due to competition from Angel Delight, who knows? But I loved it!


Nadina came back from HQ, not much work. Bought Chart Busters album which is good.

A compilation album which included Abba, XTC, Dollar, Fun Boy Three and many more!


Jean off sick, I done court clerk job alone in the morning. Went to hospital to visit Margaret then to Bev’s house. Made up most of Friday Night.


Sally and Pam came round, went up Sally’s and watched Top Of The Pops. Bev T phoned to say that her and Spud have separated and Jan and Roger have split.


Went to the Station with Phil for a drink but it was packed, so we went to the Prince Consort. Had a soft perm on my hair, looks okay.

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