Week One – Cake Week

Warning: there are spoilers in this blog - who won star baker, who left the show, who received a handshake from Paul, what necklace was Prue wearing, things along those lines.

I can’t believe that the last time I reviewed the GBBO was two years ago! It was back on our TVs last night, kicking off with Cake Week; let’s do this!

The new series kicked off with the GBBO Band and their interpretation of Achy Breaky Heart with lyrics such as:

“But don’t bake my tart, my flaky pastry tart…. You’ll overbake my tart, and that will break my heart and then you’ll never get to shake my hand.”

I love this Tweet by Specsavers:

Signature Dish : 12 Decorative Mini Rolls

Flavours, sponge and filling entirely up to bakers with a two hour time limit.

A highlight for me whilst the bakers were creating their mini rolls was Matt Lucas’s rendition to Jürgen of The Flintstones in German, especially the ending shouting, “Wilhomena!”

There were comments made by Paul about the similarities between Prue and Maggie, I think it’s the glasses! 🤣

George forgot to close the oven door, putting him behind with his bake, so he earned the first BLEEP of the season, plus Lizzie was also behind time, stating she was just a slow person.

Chigs put us all to shame during lockdown, he learned how to bake, played the guitar, did rock climbing, decorated his house and cooked with his mum…

Maggie’s “Knit & Natter” Mini Rolls:
Rough and ready chocolate, nice swirl, excellent sponge, lovely texture, great flavour, but couldn’t eat a lot as it is very rich.

Jairzeno’s Lime & Passion Fruit Mini Rolls:
More like a fold than a swirl, passion fruit flavour delicious, worth the calories!

Amanda’s “Cherry Solider” Mini Rolls:
Uneven, not a swirl but a blob, cherry flavour not strong enough, Prue liked the booze!

Tom’s Black Forest Mini Rolls:
Not really a mini roll, a bit of a swirl, texture of the cake lovely, not enough cherry coming through.

Crystelle’s “Chai and Chai Again” Mini Rolls:
Neat, not much of a swirl, delicious, great blend of the spices, touch too much jaggery.

George’s Chocolate & Hazelnut Mini Rolls:
Tasted like pudding, still warm and so it’s collapsed.

Rochica’s Colin Rolls:
Fairly good swirl, lovely flavours, a little stodgy, overmixed.

Jürgen’s Schwarzwald Mini Rolls:
Nice swirl, over-sweetened the filling, very, very good comment.

Freya’s Vegan Lemon & Raspberry Mini Rolls:
Nice tart flavour of raspberries, cake is a bit hefty.

Chigs’ Strawberry & Cream Mini Rolls:
Lovely swirl, fresh strawberries delicious.

Lizzie’s Zoo Mini Rolls:
Not the best looking mini rolls, flavours all wrong.

Giuseppe’s Easter Mini Rolls:
As neat as a pin, beautiful, elegant, perfect swirl, delicate and well balanced flavours, a triumph.

Technical Challenge set by Prue – The Malt Loaf

Words of advice from Prue: “This is a really old fashioned recipe and those of you who are under 35 may never have heard of it, don’t panic, just read the recipe.”

First two rounds in a nutshell!

One of the easier technical challenges, perhaps it’s because it’s the first episode, but nice to see all the bakers not having too much of a disaster!

Position in Technical Challenge:

1st – Maggie
2nd – Freya
3rd – George
4th – Lizzie
5th – Tom
6th – Jürgen
7th- Rochica
8th – Crystelle
9th – Jairzeno
10th – Guiseppe
11th – Chigs
12th – Amanda

That moment when Paul said to Prue, “You’ll have to take your teeth out and clean them later.”

Those in trouble before going into the Showstopper round:

Those in line for Star Baker:

Showstopper – Anti-gravity Illusion Cake

Must be appear to defy gravity and in a way that represents a precious memory.

Every week….

The mug fell off the cake in front of the judges, good layers, delicious, beautifully moist.

George’s Greek Table:
Could be neater, nice flavours, concentrate on finesse.

Magggie’s Ice Cream Cornet:
Looks more like a plant pot than an ice cream, Victoria sandwich delicious, but not much flavour in it.

Jairzeno’s “Kick the Can” Cake:
Didn’t look like what was envisioned, perfect sponge, flavourful.

Amanda’s Elderflower & Lemon Surf Explosion:
Lovely dolphins, lovely colour and concept, not sure if gravity defying as that part is the rice crispy part, slightly overbaked sponge, touch too much liquor. The cake collapses on the bench. (Not sure if that’s to do with Paul cutting the cake where he did?)

Lizzie’s Nana’s Peaches & Cream:
Simplistic, a bit messy, nice flavour,.

Freya’s “Flower Potty”:
Incredible flowers, lovely, very boozy, delicious, nice kick from the alcohol, great job.

Crystelle’s “Bouq-cake” of Flowers:
Elegant, beautiful pipework, beautifully flavoured, lovely, remarkable.

Rochica’s Apple Cake:
More detail, lovely flavours, more honed skills.

Tom’s Classically Spectacular Showstopper:
Disappointing gravity defying element.

Giuseppe’s “Jack and The Beanstalk”:
Beautiful, sponge a little dry, good flavour, maybe do three layers instead of two.

Jürgen’s “Night Time Reading”:
Elegant, clean and simple and beautifully done, well engineered, rose flavour absolutely right, perfect bake.

My favourite showstopper was Crystelle’s Bouq-cake of Flowers!

Star Baker and Who is Going Home…

Poor old Jürgen tried to phone his family, but no-one answered his phone….


I’m not really sure if the right decision was made for Tom to leave the show, I thought that it might have been Jairzeno as his showstopper was terrible. I think the favourites at the moment are Jürgen and Guiseppe with Maggie and Crystelle also in the running. But this is Bake Off, all it takes is a disastrous week and you are phoning for an Uber!

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