Monday, 13th September, 2021

As the weather was overcast this morning we went back to the Sky Dome. I decided to buy a notebook so I could write down my diary entries, I didn’t take much notice of the price, which was a mistake as when I was in the lift I realised it cost £16.00! I got hubby a Costa to soften the blow about the price, but when I told him he nearly choked on his coffee!

As we enjoyed our breakfast at The Quays we had lunch there as well. I had fried chicken and chips from the American Grill, which as I’m a KFC fan, I was looking forward to and hubby had a Katsu curry from the Asian Kitchen. I’m pleased to say that the fried chicken exceeded my expectations. We washed it down with a bottle of Corona each.

As the weather still wasn’t wonderful we thought that a trip to the cinema was in order, the films being shown were A Quiet Place 2 and Blithe Spirit, and as we have seen Blithe Spirit, A Quiet Place 2 it was.

We had about an hour before it was time for the cinema, so we found a quiet place in the Atrium and started our card tournament. This is something we do on every cruise, we play Rummy and the points are carried forward throughout the holiday with the winner proclaimed at the end of the cruise! Not being one to brag, but I won by two points, first round to me!

The cinema wasn’t very large, it probably seated about 40 people, less due to the social distancing measures taken but strangely you could take off your masks here, but not in the theatre?

There was the obligatory person who thought the whole cinema should hear what he was saying which was quite annoying until their conversation went:

“Did you see the dolphins today?”
“No I didn’t, but what I really wanna see is an orchid.”
“Don’t you mean orca?” his friend questioned and I have to say a few people had a little titter to themselves.

The film was good, we enjoyed it and I have to say that Cillian Murphy played a great role!

We were eating at Sindhu in the evening, as we had ordered the Ultimate Celebration Package we chose the day and time for our meal. Whenever we cruise with P&O we always eat here and it never fails to disappoint.

I had the Parsee Lamb Cutlets for my starter followed by the Duck Tikka Malabari and hubby had the Kerala Nyannd Masala Tian with the Signature Thali Plate for his main course. We had a glass of Prosecco each with our starter and a glass of Beefsteak Malbec with our main courses.

Whilst we were waiting for our order a lady with two friends came in, I didn’t really pay much attention as she went into another part of the restaurant, but hubby said to me that he was sure it was Miriam Margolyes. I’m a huge fan of hers, I love it when she’s on a TV chat show, she’s so forthright and down to earth.

I was kicking myself for not paying attention to this lady and we spent a large part of the dinner discussing how we were going to check out if it was her or not.

Back to the meal, it tasted very good, but they seem to have diverted from the traditional Indian meal, to more of an Indian meat with vegetables. Over coffee we decided to go out onto Deck 8 and walk past the window to see if it was her for sure.

So plan in operation, we walked along the corridor to find the door which led to Deck 8, “Here it is, I think,” announced hubby and pushed open a big grey door. But to our horror, it didn’t lead to the outside deck, but straight back into Sindhu restaurant!! Hubby did a hasty retreat and we hurried down the corridor to find the correct door and were soon outside on Deck 8 laughing at our mistake, remembering the look of shock on the diner’s faces. “But was it her?” I asked him, “I don’t know, I was too busy backtracking out of the door,” he replied. We walked along Deck 8 and took a quick peek into the window and saw this person, hubby was still adamant it was her, but I still wasn’t sure.

It was time to go to the Headliner Theatre to watch Festival. The Headliner’s cast sang festival songs, it wasn’t great to be honest, the dancing seemed very rushed and so some were out of time. The songs were sung fast and loud!

We rushed to the 710 Club hoping to see the 9:30 PM showing and we arrived there at about 9:20 PM and was delighted to see there was no queue. We stood at the entrance of the club and soon there were people behind us forming a queue, somebody asked us, “Is this the queue for the 10:45 performance?” “No,” we replied, “The 9.30 show.” “Are you sure?” they asked, “People went in about 15 minutes earlier.”

9:30 PM came and the doors showed no sign of opening, the queue had grown to around 50 people, “I think we’ve got this wrong,” I whispered to hubby, “I think they’re about to start.” “I do too,” he replied, “Let’s leave quietly,” and so we quietly slipped out of the queue we had created. As we headed towards the stairs, I heard one lady say, “I just joined this queue, I’m not even sure what it’s for.”

After a walk around the ship, we decided to wait in the Atrium for the 10:45 PM session in the 710 club and we ordered a mojito each while we waited. It was entertaining watching everyone psyche each other out, waiting for the first couple to start the queue (which we’re good at apparently), and as soon as someone did, the rest quickly followed suite.

Inside the venue, I ordered a Raspberry Brulee cocktail and hubby had a pint of Fosters. The band was just as good as before and the guitarist, Alistair, sang some Beatles songs beautifully.

We went to the Club House afterwards, again it was full, but we stood at the back and listened to the adult version of his show, it was funny, but I preferred his family show.

By the time this had ended, it was 12:15 AM, “Happy Anniversary,” hubby whispered before we went to sleep.

A good day on board and the weather didn’t dampen our enthusiasm!

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