Friday, 17th September, 2021

Where to go for our last breakfast? We went back to The Quays and had a fried breakfast and then we went back up to the top deck, but this time we went to the adult pool at the front of the ship.

We sat in one of the wooden pods and played cards, but this time I was well and truly beaten, so hubby was the champion this holiday! We had a cup of the weakest Costa I have ever had and then decided it was time to go and buy some presents for the family.

We had a mooch around the shops and bought some perfume, gin and cuddly toys plus the Iona Toblerone. A stop off for fish and chips at The Quays, I wasn’t too keen on the mushy peas, but the curry sauce and the fish was wonderful.

We had promised ourselves that we would try the Ice Cream Tea at Ripples, this had a surcharge of £11, but you only need to purchase one, it’s more than enough for two people. Hubby loves ice cream, but he had to admit defeat and leave some.

We had managed to book The Limelight Club for Sonia tonight, so we joined the queue and took our seats.

I was looking forward to this evening, but it also meant the end of the cruise, so it was mixed feelings. We were served up a three course meal while the Limelight Band, which was an all-female band, together with Laura, the singer, sang a few songs to us. She was very good, very relaxed on stage.

Sonia was very good, she sang some of her hits plus a couple of covers, together with a funny story about when she was in the Eurovision Song Contest made for an entertaining evening and we even got to meet her after the show!

A final Baileys and Jamesons at the Cocktail Bar in the Atrium and it was time to go to bed and set the alarm for an early start in the morning to get home.

Of all the views we took photographs of during our cruise, this is probably the one that we always remember!

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