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My children’s book: Safe Haven

When I was younger, my literary hero was Enid Blyton who I have written a blog about entitled: My Favourite Author and she is someone who I have drawn a lot of my inspiration from in writing Safe Haven.

I have had this book in my mind for quite a long time, it was so long ago that when I typed the first story, On The Way To The Market, it was stored on a floppy disc!

Over the years as the floppy disc was replaced by a CD and then we went to the Cloud for storage, the floppy disc was inevitably lost, but the story still stuck in my head until one day I decided to write it down again and so was born Miranda and Safe Haven.

Miranda the Doll

When it was time to think of other stories and other characters, I turned to my husband for his help, he has an active imagination which is sometimes a bit infuriating as when he watches television he often predicts what is going to happen. But between us we came up with our characters: Miranda the doll, Threadbare the teddy bear, Ssssnake the toy snake, Barry the bulldog and Dennis the Doberman and of course, Trixie the Fairy.

Above is a selection of illustrations from different stories from the book. I think my favourite story is The Treasure Hunt as it shows that cheats never prosper. All the stories convey a note of positivity and they always end on a positive note.

I am very excited for this book to be published and am looking forward to reading it with my two grandchildren and hopefully other parents and grandparents will be doing the same with their children.

Safe Haven is available to buy at Amazon:

Happy reading!!