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That’s not my…



I hadn’t heard of this range of books until my daughter bought them for her son, Harry, who’s 4 months old.  They are suitable for babies from birth and as I am a firm believer in reading to children as early as possible, these are ideal first time books. I particularly liked the box set of That’s Not My Zoo… a bumper set of five books.


harry-bookThis series of books have bright pictures and different textures to stroke, which help develop sensory and language awareness, as you can see from the above pages from That’s Not My Monkey…  and there is a little white mouse on each page for the child to find.

The author is Fiona Watt who is an Editorial Director and writer at Usborne Publishing (who are the publishers). She is the sixth biggest selling UK children’s author with over 10 million of her books sold in the UK.

As you can see from the picture, Harry loves his That’s Not My Monkey book, but as he can’t speak or write, I asked his mother, Amy, to write a review on these books:

“Every night after bath time Harry and I sit down and I read a book to him. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that he was reaching out and trying to feel the books and this got me wondering, “Is there any sensory books I can get for him?” He loves sensory items for example bubbles, lights and textured items. We go to classes throughout the week where sensory is a huge part of his lesson.
So I did what we all do, I Googled sensory books and the top hit was: ‘That’s not my….’ series. I read some reviews on Mumsnet and lots of parents where raving about this series of books, so I thought I would give it a go!
I went on to Amazon and searched for the books, I don’t normally look at the ‘used’ section, but I thought might as well see how much they where and I was amazed that several of the books were selling for 1p, 2p and 50p. So the crazy shopaholic person in me bought 4 of them!
They arrived within 2 days and the condition of the books were amazing, one looked brand new, the others just had dents on the back – but they were only a couple of pennies, so I am not complaining!
So, as per usual, I gave Harry his bath, got him ready for bed took him downstairs and started to read That’s Not My Monkey… he loved it, every page has a different type of fabric and each page is lovely and colourful and the writing is really clear and big. The illustrations are really bright with bold colours to keep him entertained!
The Verdict: 100% I will be going back and ordering some more for him!”


And if Amy is wanting to order some more, there are 65 titles in this series, ranging from That’s Not My Dinosaur and That’s Not My Car to That’s Not My Fairy, so lots of choice for everyone!




Also, for the adult reader, there is a special edition for you to read…


I’ll just leave that with you…