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Clever names for businesses…


I was at Hampton Court Palace the other week to watch Tears for Fears (a very good concert by the way) and I noticed a trade stand selling wraps, the name of this company, Bohemiun Wrapsody, made me giggle and it got me wondering what other names for shops people have come up with…

The first one I found was a flower shop based in Milton Keynes called –

Back to the Fuchsia

You can visit their website.

Kudos to whoever thought of this name!

A company who specialises in quality bathrooms, wet rooms and tilings, what else could they call themselves but-

Bonny Tiler

They have a very professional website. 

There are quite a few companies around that use this name, some of which are spelt Bonnie, (the correct way for the singer), but I liked this one as they say on their website:

Bonny Tiler is a fun name for a company serious about making you smile!

How about a carpet cleaning business named:

Spruce Springclean

If you need your carpets cleaned, visit their website.

This carpet cleaning shop is based in Cornwall and was named the best business name in Britain.

A locksmith who is based in Portsmouth (near my home town) and is called:

Surelock Homes

For a secure home, visit their website.

A worthy runner up to the best named business in Britain, well done the man who thought of this!

The prize for the best wine bar name goes to (drum roll please):

Planet of the Grapes

planet of the grapes.PNG
For a tasty dinner and a glass of wine, visit their website. 

A clever name on so many levels, a wine bar, shop and restaurant in four different locations.

Honorable mentions should also go to:

The  kebab van named after Jason Donovan.
A fish and chip shop in Wales.
It does what it says on the sign!


Perhaps these businesses aren’t as silly as they seem, it has been proven that people remember quirky, unusual names more than they do the rather formal ones, so i guess the jokes on them…