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Module 2 assessment: Creating tension

Create tension for a character through an event that puts the character under pressure or causes a dilemma. Create a 500-word sample of writing that depicts the problem and the escalating tension.  This can be for any age group within the children's book category.

As this was my first assignment, it took a little while to come up with a concept for this and the fact that I had to stick to 500 words was a little worrying.

My answer:

Sissy woke up and for a split second all was right with the world, that split second was wonderful, the sun was shining through the window and her pet cat was purring next to her, the sound was soothing. Then, a feeling of impending doom came over her, the sun went behind a cloud and her cat’s purring was suddenly irritating, she remembered it was the day of her exam.

The studying she had done for the past year, it was now the time that all this would come to fruition, either she would ace it or at the very worst, she wouldn’t be going to the college that she had dreamed about ever since she had decided to become a vet.

She stroked Tommy, apologising for even thinking that his purring was irritating and made her way down to breakfast.

Her mum was busy in the kitchen, popping bread in the toaster, pouring out orange juice, “Do you want the usual this morning?” she enquired, Sissy nodded, even though she was sure she wouldn’t be able to stomach the toast as her stomach felt like it was in knots. “There you go, my lovely,” her mum said cheerily, “You need to have a good breakfast before you smash this exam!” Sissy replied with a smile which she thought showed the utmost confidence, but her mum wasn’t fooled, “Are you okay, my lovely? You’re not nervous, are you?” Sissy shook her head, not trusting herself to speak as she was sure the waver in her voice would give her away.

She managed to force down a slice of toast and a gulp of orange juice before saying goodbye to her mum, who shouted after her as she walked down the hallway, “You go get ‘em darling, you’ll be amazing!”  “No pressure there then,” Sissy thought to herself.

As Sissy entered the school gates, she met up with her fellow classmates, some looked confident, others looked like Sissy felt.  She sought out her best friend, Amy, who by the looks of her, was feeling the same as Sissy. “How are you feeling?” Sissy whispered, “Nervous, you?” Sissy nodded in agreement, “My whole future rests on this exam and I don’t know if I’m prepared for it or not,” she replied.

It had been Sissy’s dream to become a vet ever since she could remember, ever since her goldfish, Ringo, had died and they had a funeral in the bathroom, as she had watched Ringo disappear into his watery grave she had vowed to find out why he’d died and prevent it from happening to another goldfish that she may own in the future.

As they filed single line into the main hall and found their desks, Sissy felt slightly sick, she wished she’d never eaten that toast now. She sat down, waited for the adjudicator to tell them to start, and then she turned over the question paper. Quickly scanning the questions, her mother’s words came into her head, “Go get ‘em darling, you’ll be amazing,” and after looking at the questions, Sissy agreed with her!

Assessor Comment:

Great idea.

Grade needed to pass: 60%

Your grade: 100%

Your mark: Distinction.