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Dale Horvath

When the outbreak starts, Dale is on a trip in his RV,
His wife has died from cancer, he rescues Andrea and Amy.
They were in Atlanta and in the outskirts of the city,
They find a group of survivors who are very gritty.  

After a walker attack when some survivors die,
They pack up their bags and head for the CDC nearby.
Dr Edwin Jenner lets the group enter, it has hot food,
A shower, real beds, they feel safe,  not screwed. 

But the group finds out that the CDC is about to explode,
Dale tries to flee with Andrea, but she's doesn't want to go. 
He's not going to leave without her, this isn't what she wants him to say, 
At the last minute they run out of the doors and then drive away. 

They stop on a highway where there are lots of cars and trucks,
To search for food, for clothes, anything, they need some luck. 
Dale spots a herd of walkers coming straight towards where he's stood ,
He hides on the top of the RV, Sophie panics, and runs in the woods. 

Dale and  the group  meet up with Rick and Lori at a farm,
It is owned by Hershel and his family and it has a certain charm.
They set up camp  where they can continue in their search,
To find Sophie and not to leave her in the lurch.

Dale is told that Hershel keeps walkers locked up in a barn, 
He confronts Hershel, who says they are sick people, they mean no harm.
The group decide that the barn is unsafe, they must put down the dead,
They open the doors, a zombified Sophia emerges, she's shot in the head. 
Rick captures Randall, who is from a dangerous gang of men,
He says he needs to be killed, but Dale disagrees and then,
He patrols the farm and he spots a cow that is making no sound,
Dale turns around and is attacked by a walker, he falls to the ground.

He can't fight the walker off, it digs in and scoops out his insides,
The group hear his screams, "We can't save him," Hershel decides, 
"His injuries are too severe," and after saying sorry, Daryl shoots Dale,
He's buried the next day and in honour of Dale, they release the male. 
Dale’s death


Otis was employed by Hershel as a ranch hand,
He had a wife, Patricia, they lived on the farmland, 
Otis played the guitar and loved to hunt for deer,
But this resulted in an accident involving Carl, I fear. 

Whilst Otis was in the woods he saw a buck and took aim,
The bullet passed through the deer, and then Carl it did maim,
They take Carl to Hershel’s farm, they have tears in their eyes,
And Otis and Shane go to a school to scavenge for supplies. 

When they reach the school, there are a lot of undead,
They create a diversion, so they can get the meds,
Once inside the supply trailer, they collect lots of stuff,
The walkers are now swarming, it’s looking very tough. 

They manage to escape to the school’s abandoned gym,
Shane busts through a window, Otis isn’t that slim,
He finds a larger window and joins Shane on the ground,
They run for their lives, there are lots of walkers around. 

They both are tired and Shane falters, he admits defeat,
He tells Otis to go without him, he refuses and helps Shane to his feet, 
The horde is still pursing them, they can’t outrun them anymore,
So, Shane shoots Otis in the leg and he falls to the floor.

Shane makes his escape with the supplies that they need,
Whilst Otis is eaten by walkers, Shane leaves him to bleed. 

Otis and Shane in the school, running from the walkers