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Week Three – Bread Week

Warning: there are spoliers in this blog – who won star baker, who left the show, did Paul give out a handshake, which necklace was Prue wearing, things along those lines….


So week three was the infamous Bread Week – one which seems to strike fear in the contestants, because as we all probably know, this is Paul Hollywood’s speciality.

My favourite response which was during Bread Week in 2016 was when Val was questioned where the second elephant was by Mel and Val replied,  “They’ve argued.”

When Val’s bake was criticised by Paul, she came out with the immortal line, “It is not a mess, it’s informal.”

So the signature round was to bake a tear and share bread and this was when the magic happened, Paul gave his first handshake to Michael for his Keralan Star Bread. He doesn’t seem so free and easy with these this series, as this time last year he had already given out four!

bapsNext on to the technical, which was a little bit different than the usual ones, to make a bap with a burger. Cue some double entendres about baps… Watching the bakers, it did seem a bit of a faff, especially when you can buy four at Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available) for 70p. The burgers were veggie burgers but apparently were only worth 10% of the score. Henry won the technical with Amelia’s small buns and oversized burgers coming last.

The showstopper had the bakers scoring their bread to create a design. My favourite was Rosie’s animals and David’s African masks. Amelia failed to impress and also Henry struggled with his showstopper.

The award for the best Tweet goes to Innocent Drinks:


So, with the threat of two bakers possibly going home this week, we find out that Michael is the Star Baker and that Amelia is going home, thus having the carrot dangling of maybe two leaving for next week.


Three down, ten to go – who will be next?

I’ve still got my three bakers in the running, I’m a little bit worried about Henry, even though he won the technical, he struggled in the other two rounds.

It’s Dairy Week next week, a new idea, much like Vegan Week last year, so who knows what’ll happen? Who will be the creme de la creme or who will be whey down the bottom?




Week One – Cake Week

Warning: there are spoilers in this blog – who won star baker, who left the show, who did Paul give a handshake to, what necklace was Prue wearing, things along those lines.

So last night saw the launch of The Great British Bake Off, series 10, with a twist straight in at the beginning – there is an extra contestant, making it their baker’s dozen of 13. It was explained that this didn’t mean an extra programme but that two people could go at any given time, but considering this was the first programme, I think we were safe that two weren’t going last night.

There was a lot of information to digest last night, with 13 contestants it was difficult to remember who was who and who did what for a living. but a few did stick in my head: Phil the lorry driver, Henry the student, Jamie another student and part-time waiter, Michael the theatre manager and Michelle the print shop administrator.

The signature challenge was a fruit cake – not the most exciting of cakes, but it was probably a good choice to settle their nerves, except for Michael, who managed to cut three of his fingers in the first ten minutes – not a great start for him!

Picture is from GBBO Twitter feed

The technical challenge was an angel cake which was shown to us by Prue as the example on the right and probably more realistic is the one on the right, made by,  I think, Jamie. I love the GBBO Twitter and Facebook posts, they are very clever.  Henry is first in this challenge and Jamie is last.


The final challenge is the legendary showstopper, a dream childhood birthday cake. The chance for them to show off their imagination and creativity.  Cue a joke with a mix up with “fairy garden” and “furry garden” and an innuendo or two…

The “Bakers Dozen” with Dan crossed out – who will be next?

Michelle’s cake, a carrot cake with orange cream frosting which was shaped like a fairy house was the judge’s favourite, though I thought the snake cake was the best and this secured Michelle’s title of Star Baker and controversially, Dan was the baker that left and judging by the comments on Twitter, I am not alone in thinking that Jamie should have gone instead.

My early thoughts on who will win this year: I’m going with Henry, followed by David and then Michelle.  But as we go forward into Biscuit Week, I will leave you with the words of James Ancaster….