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Space Invaders

Harry gazes up at the sky,
The stars and moon seem so high,
He wonders if life is out there,
And if there is, would they dare
To invade Earth and capture everyone,
And not rest until their evil work is done. 

Harry thinks, “They’ll not get me,
Or my friends and not my family.
I’ll punch them, I’ll kick them, I’ll do what I can,
To make sure they don’t take over this land.” 

“I wonder what their appearance will be,
Would they have one, two or even three
Pairs of eyes and a great big hairy belly,
Perhaps they’ll be ugly and very smelly.”

“Their language will be different to ours,
Whatever they speak on the Planet Mars, 
The King will be ginormous with a crown on his head,
His will issue his orders as he’s sat on his bed. “

Harry can see something high up in space,
He takes his binoculars out of their case,
Harry looks closely, it’s travelling quite far,
Is it a spaceship, a meteor, or a shooting star?

He runs into his house and says to his dad,
“We’re going to be invaded, it’s really bad,
They’re landing on Earth, God’s own creation,”
“It’s okay,” replies dad, “That’s the International Space Station.”