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Please note there is spoilers in this blog – so if you don’t want to know who left the show, click away now!

Saturday’s Show

This week we received the news that Will and Janette would not be able to perform as Will hurt his knee whilst jumping of a table during dress rehearsals for the show. So I wish Will a speedy recovery and hopefully we can see him perform next week. Also, a pro dancer sustained an injury, Neil hurt himself an hour before the show was due to start, so Kevin gallently stepped in to dance with Alex, only having 45 minutes to learn the routine.

Although I do gather there was a debate on social media as to whether it should have been Gorka who danced with Alex as Kevin had already danced and had been voted out. But we don’t know what happens behind the scenes, Kevin and Neil are good friends so maybe Neil asked for Kevin, maybe the Ghostbusters suit fitted Kevin better, who knows?

So we were down to ten couples this week, Will and Janette have a bye into the next round, so here’s my one word sum up:

  • Emma and Anton: Tango – Posture – 28 points (2 point increase)
  • Emma and Aljaz: Charleston – Poised – 30 points (6 point decrease)
  • Chris and Karen: Samba – Fun – 23 points (2 point decrease)
  • Saffron and AJ: Jive – Magic – 33 points (5 point decrease)
  • Mike and Katya: Tango – Stompy – 26 points (5 point increase)
  • Karim and Amy: Paso Doble – Rushed – 29 points (6 point decrease)
  • Catherine and Johannes: Cha Cha Cha – Mistakes – 24 points (4 point decrease)
  • Michelle and Giovanni: Foxtrot – Phenomenal – 39 points (10 point increase)
  • Kelvin and Oti: Tango – Incredible – 36 points (3 point increase)
  • Kevin and Alex: Street Commercial – On-point – 34 points (1 point increase)
Karen picking up her wig at the end of the dance.

Highlights this week was Karen’s wig causing problems during their Tango, resulting in Karen pulling it off at the end of the dance. Kevin freestyling during Alex’s routine and admitting that his mind went blank during the routine.

I don’t know if it’s me, but this year’s Halloween seemed to miss the mark, if I was Vicountess Emma, I’d be a bit peeved that on Halloween week, I was dressed like I would normally be dressed and not made up as a monster, etc.

So the score boards were as follows:


Sunday’s Show

catherineThis week the dance off was between Catherine and Mike. Craig voted for Catherine to be sent home, Motsi and Bruno voted for Mike to go, so the final verdict was left for Shirley who voted against Catherine and Johannes, so unfortunately they had to leave.

This is another shock exit; I thought that Catherine would be at Blackpool at least. Maybe when the votes are tied, it should be put to the public vote? Whoever got the least amount of votes should leave…

I am hearing rumours that the show will be shown in its entirity on a Saturday next year, I think this is a step in the right direction, they could cut down on how long the VTs are before each couple dances and therefore end this farce of the Sunday show. Plus, it will stop spoilers leaking out and spoiling  the results show for some.

Next week, back to normal, phew, and remember, nobody is safe!


Strictly – Week Two

Please note that there will be spoilers in this blog – so if you don’t want to know who left, look away now!!

Saturday’s Show

This week I was faced with a bit of a dilemma and I decided to turn to the Strictly Fans on Facebook to solve it for me:


As you can see, there was plenty of advice to be had, of which most of the replies said to, “Watch it live and then watch it again with your husband.” I did wait for my husband, watching Celebrity Catchphrase and eating a bar of chocolate to distract me and we settled down to watch it when he came home.

Whenever I watch the opening titles I do wonder why the professional’s name isn’t mentioned? Some of them are famous in their own right, having hosted and appeared on different television shows… maybe one day this will happen.

A little subtle change to the show that I have noticed is that we don’t get the dancers give a little wave at the camera while Tess is introducing them, maybe there’s too many at the momet and this will come back once the numbers are reduced?

My Tweet of the Week goes to Richard Osman of Pointless Fame:


As nobody left last week, the scores will be combined with last week’s scores and together with the public vote, we will have our first person to leave on Sunday and as everybody is still in, there’s a fair few to get through, so I am going to try to sum up each dancer’s performance in one word, (wish me luck):

  • Saffron and AJ: Cha-Cha-Cha – Delivered – 23 points
  • Anneka and Kevin: Waltz – Beautiful – 19 points
  • Dev and Dianne: Jive – Toes – 27 points
  • Emma and Aljaz: Tango – Stamina – 22 points
  • Chris and Karen: Charleston – Improved – 26 points
  • Emma B and Anton: Foxtrot – Smoother – 24 points
  • James and Luba: Jive – Stiff – 13 points
  • Kathryn and Jonannes: Samba – Hips – 19 points
  • Michelle and Giovanni: Viennese Waltz – Classy – 32 points
  • David and Nadiya: Paso Doble – Limp – 10 points
  • Karim and Amy: Foxtrot – Exceptional – 32 points
  • Mike and Katya: American Smooth – Odd – 14 points
  • Alex and Neil: Cha-Cha-Cha – Flat – 22 points
  • Kelvin and Oti: Waltz – Light – 28 points
  • Will and Janette: Samba – Enthusiastic – 24 points.
Buffalo Bushell dancing to Rhinestone Cowboy

Put your hands up if you try and guess each of the judge’s scores? We do and are secretly pleased when we get it right!

I wasn’t sure about the routine with Mike and Katya, it was very awkward to watch, especially during the lifts and I’m hoping that she’s not going to try and make him the “Class Clown”, he’s better than that!

Kelvin did an acceptable waltz, he didn’t light up the dance floor like he did last week, so maybe Latin will be his thing! Before Strictly Kelvin’s Twitter account would receive on average about 250 likes, now being on Strictly that has risen to thousands!

My tip for winning Strictly, Karim and Amy, their foxtrot was stunning and he was so elegant and light on his feet. I am pleased that Amy has a partner who will go far!

So at the end of tonight, the scores are:

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So we will have to wait and see how the public vote goes….

Sunday Show

james-strictlyAfter a dance off between David James and James Cracknell,  the judges unamiously decided on James to leave – well done James, you were certainly out of your comfort zone, but you had the grit and determination to get out there and dance!

Next week is Movie Week, so let’s hope they Step Up, they are not in La La Land and have The Time of Their Lives.