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Diets ….. why?

So, my diet has begun (again), but no, this time it’s serious, (again)… But there are a few questions that I do need to ask about diets…

Why is it the moment I decide to go on a diet I feel hungry?

Why does chocolate taste so good and celery tastes…. of nothing?

Why are my clothes getting smaller?

What makes celebrities think they know best about diets (and keep fit for that matter?)?

Why is it that when I’m hungry I get told to drink water?

Why can’t I substitute a glass of wine for a meal? It is grapes, after all….

And while we’re talking about diets, why are men so much better at it than women? My hubby just has to cut out his chocolate biscuits and his weight loss is dramatic.  Me, I just have to open the fridge and smell the cheese and I put on weight!!


The chocolates from Christmas have finally been eaten, I’ve thrown out the left over mince pies, there’s no more Pringles, crisps or peanuts in the larder, so now I feel safe to start my diet. It’s good to have a target to get to and mine is a holiday in May, which according to my Holiday Countdown App is 117 days away. It’s doable I know, but then I remember there’s Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day and Easter to get through….

Times when calories aren’t counted:

dietIf you eat your meal standing up.

If you eat off someone’s else’s plate.

If you eat alone.

Any food eaten at Christmas (courtesy of Santa!)


“I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond. – Mae West