definition: the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

giphyKarma is a fickle thing. It can strike straight away or it can wait until it is least expected, one, two, three years later, there’s no time limit on karma.

I am it’s biggest fan, I can apply anything to it. Today I was in the living room swatting a fly with a tea towel and for once actually managed to stun it. I put it outside the front door, turned around and banged my knee on the door frame – that’s karma, I thought as I rubbed my knee. That’s it, in it’s simplest form, I hurt the fly, the universe hurts me.

Sometimes it’s more complicated than this and karma takes it time to happen, sometimes in spectacular fashion, sometimes in a more subtle way.

One of my favourite karma stories is the one where a man is travelling on the London Underground when a guy blocks his way. The man responds to this by hurling abuse at the guy, swearing at him and shoving his way past. It may have been that this man was stressed as he was heading for an interview at Forward Partners…. the guy he pushed past and swore at? Yes you’ve guessed it was Head of Talent and Recruiting at Forward Partners. The man didn’t get the job, but they did clear the air during the interview though.



If you do happen to do something that you are maybe not so proud of and think you’ve got away with it …. just remember, Karma has no deadline!

Quote: “A little girl seeks revenge.  A real woman moves on while karma does her dirty work.”

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