Christmas Preparations

When the firework has let off its last bang and whizz,
It's time to stock up on some wine and Bucks Fizz,
It's getting close to that special time of year,
To raise a glass of cider or perhaps a beer,
And celebrate with lots of good cheer. 

It's time to go shopping and buy all of the toys,
For all of the girls and all of the boys,
A cardigan for grandma, and granddad some socks,
For grandchildren cars and horses that rock,
All wrapped up in a special Christmas box.

Then there's shopping for our Christmas dinner,
Fingers crossed, this one's a winner,
Some hate parsnips, some don't like sprouts,
I can't see what the fuss is about,
It'll all get eaten, I have no doubt.

We have to decide, give the tree some thought,
Do we buy real, or something shop bought?
To get the decorations I have to reach in,
They're in the loft and kept in a bin,
Oh my Lord, I could do with a gin!

We go to the theatre to see a pantomime,
I'm sure we will all have a really good time,
We boo at the baddie and cheer the good guys,
The Prince is the hero and slaps his thighs,
After the final song, it's time for goodbyes.

It's Christmas day and time for our dinner,
I can confirm, this one IS a winner,
Sitting around the table is my family,
Laughing and joking, it's such a joy to see,
It's all been worth it, there's nowhere I'd rather be. 

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