Baddies – do they get a bad deal?

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Whilst watching a film with a particularly high body count the other night, I got to wondering, given a life choice, who on earth would choose to be a baddie?

Hopping over to Movie Body Counts website, yes, there really is a website that counts the amount of body counts in a move, I find that top of the list is Lord of the Rings: Return of the King where there are 836 body counts and they even break them down into sub sections:lotr

  • Hobbits: 2
  • Humans: 147
  • Uruk-hai and Orcs: 524
  • Trolls: 2
  • Rohirim: 123
  • Sauthrons: 32
  • Nazguls: 6



Honorable mentions go to:

Rambo: 247, Dawn of the Dead: 175 and You Only Live Twice: 91.

So, going back to the start of an up and coming film baddie or villain’s career, how do they actually get into this line of business?  Do they go down to their local Job Centre? Do they search online? Or do they sign up with an agency who specialises in supplying baddies?  I wonder what the name for these agencies would be, Villains for Hire, perhaps or even The Big Baddie Company? If you were to search online, what would the advertisement read, something like this…


I would also think that whoever decides on this as their career choice would need a lot of patience as there seems to be a lot of hanging around in corridors and outside in gardens and then suddenly they find themselves under attack where they are either knocked out unconscious or killed…

And talking of being killed, I’m assuming that every baddie or villain has a family, kids, a significant other? I imagine a family sat at home around a table set for tea with the significant other constantly looking at their watch and then the door, saying to the little ones, “It’s all right, daddy will be home soon.”



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