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End of an Era – The Walking Dead

Wow – I cannot believe that the FINAL episode of The Walking Dead is upon us. I remember watching the very first episode some ten years ago on the recommendation of a friend and it fast became my favourite TV series of all time.

I even got my husband into it and when I watched the first episode (again) with him, I felt jealous that he was able to watch all the episodes for the first time.

My favourite episodes

Days Gone By – Season 1, Episode 1

I have lost count of the amount of times I have watched this episode. It really is the perfect start to the Walking Dead, from the little girl walker, to meeting Morgan, our first encounter with a herd and the epic ending of Rick being trapped in the tank and the immortal words from Glen: “Hey you! Dumbass! Yeah, you in the tank. Cozy in there?”

It also gave us the iconic image of Rick riding horseback into Atlanta.

Better Angels – Season 2, Episode 12

An episode that highlights the fact that you do not need to be bitten to turn into a walker. When they find Randall and he has turned, they cannot find any bitemarks or scratches and of course, when Rick kills Shane with a knife, he reanimates and it is up to Carl to shoot him and put him down, unfortunately this draws the attention of a nearby herd…

Hard hitting episode with the demise of Shane, but there is also a heart warming scene between Rick and Carl about morality as Carl is feeling guilty about causing the death of Dale. Rick comforts Carl telling him that death is always inevitable and there is no way to prepare for it.

Killer Within – Season 3, Episode 4

An episode that saw us losing two main characters: T-Dog and Lori.

The prison is overrun by walkers as somebody has broken the latch on the front gate of the prison and then to add to their misery, the prison alarm is set off, attracting more walkers.

T-Dog is bitten on the shoulder and he then heroically holds off the walkers to save Carol, but ends up being eaten alive. His body is found torn apart and ravaged.

Meanwhile, Lori goes into labour and Maggie has to do a Casarean. Lori dies during this procedure and Carl has to put his mother down before she turns, by shooting her in the head. Rick searched for Lori, hears a baby crying and when he sees that Lori is not with Carl, he assumes the worst and breaks down.

The Grove – Season 4, Episode 14

An episode that concentrated on the complex behaviour of Lizzie, whose obsession with the walkers was at best odd. She thought it was okay to kill people so they could live on as walkers and she kills Mika to prove her point, almost doing the same to Judith.

Carol and Tyreese decide that Lizzie is a danger and Carol has to put her down, saying the infamous line, “Just look at the flowers, Lizzie.”

No Sanctuary – Season 5, Episode 1

At the end of Season 4, they are at the cannibal capital of the world, Terminus being held prisoner in a train car, but we have faith when Rick states, “They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out they’re screwing with the wrong people!”

They are taken to the human slaughterhouse, where the bludgeoning and throat slitting takes place. Rick stalls for time and they hear an explosion, Carol has set off a rocket into the gas bottles. They all escape and the group reunites, where Rick and Carl are overjoyed to see that Judith is still alive. (Lump in throat time).

The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be – Season 7, Episode 1

The build up to this episode was epic, with everybody asking the question, “Who did Negan kill?” There were many theories, many suggestions, but in this episode we found out that it was Abraham and Glenn. (I do feel that in future episodes it was always about Glenn, they seemed to forget that Abraham was the first one and Glenn only got killed because Daryl kicked off!)

Negan is played brilliantly by Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the psychotic but somehow charismatic leader of the Saviors. Rick is given the choice, either cut off Carl’s arm or watch his group get shot down. But at the last second Negan tells him, “You answer to me. You provide for me,” to which Rick agrees, thus setting up the rest of the season…

The Calm Before – Season 9, Episode 15

A disguised Alpha infiltrates the Kingdom’s community fair and after selecting her victims, they go missing, to later be found with their heads on pikes. The victims include Enid, Tara and Henry. Siddiq tells the remaining people how they put up a fight, as he witnessed it and managed to escape.

So, that’s my pick, there are other episodes that I simply adore, but if I listed them all then this blog would be far too long.

There will be a Walking Dead void in my life, but we have the spin offs to enjoy, hopefully they will be just as heart wrenching, amazing and gory as the TV series!!


After the attack of the walkers the previous day,
Rick calls Morgan on his walkie talkie he needs to say
That Atlanta has fallen, it isn't safe at all,
But he gets no response, another time he'll call.

Andrea is with Amy, she is very upset that Amy is dead,
Amy reanimates, Andrea cries, "I love you" and shoots her in the head. 
Jim is acting very strange around the campsite,
Jacqu discovers that he's hiding a bite. 
Daryl tries to kill Jim, but Rick is more forgiving,
He reminds Shane that, "We don't kill the living."
They then argue about the right course to take,
Rick wants to head to the CDC, Shane thinks this is a mistake. 

Shane tries to talk Lori into going to a military base,
But Lori backs her husband, the CDC seems the right place.
Whilst on a sweep of the woods, Shane has Rick in his sight,
He thinks about shooting him, but Dale is watching, it's not right.  
The group pack up their supplies and are to leave this home, 
When Morales says that his family will be heading off on their own. 
Dale's RV breaks down and they search for parts from cars nearby,
Jim asks that he be left under a tree, to be by himself to die. 

Edwin Jenner is in a high-tech laboratory, his progress is poor, 
It's been 63 days since the virus went global, he has no cure.
He has destroyed some diseased tissue, he really has tried,
Perhaps the only solution is that he commit suicide. 

Rick and his group arrive and there are walkers around,
They manage to get to the front door, where it's found
To be locked, so Rick seeing a moving camera, bangs on the door,
After a while the door opens, they enter, hoping they're safe once more.


Daryl is angry to see his brother’s severed hand, 
He threatens T-Dog with his crossbow and
Rick points his revolver at Darryl, he’ll fire for sure,
Darryl stands down, there’s a trail of blood on the floor.

To retrieve the bag filled with guns, Glenn has a plan, 
But two men arrive in a car and they kidnap this man,
Rick, Daryl and T-Dog take a young Latino hostage and he tells,
He’s from a group called The Vatos, they want the guns as well. 
The Latino named Miguel, tells them where the group is,
They go there and find their leader, Guillermo, and his 
group of survivors, he won’t trade Glenn, Rick asks with all his might,
Guillermo orders them to bring the guns or be ready for a fight! 

After discussing what to do, the three men go back to broker a deal,
They offer half the guns in exchange for Glenn, but Guillermo doesn’t feel
This is what he wants, everyone is jittery, there is tension in the air, 
When a grandmother appears, she scolds her grandson and gives everyone a glare. 

The Veto’s are protecting a retirement home, the old and the frail, 
Rick sees they are good people, so he hands over the guns to ensure they don’t fail.
Back at the camp, the group are having a celebration fish fry
When nobody hears the screams of Ed as he is bitten and dies.
Next Amy is exiting Dale’s RV and is bitten by a walker on her arm,
Andrea is upset, she should have protected her sister from harm. 

The campsite is overrun with walkers, some survivors are eaten,
The rest of the campers take cover behind Shane and Dale, they won’t be beaten. 
With limited ammunition they fire at the walkers and pray to the Lord,
When Rick and the others return and shoot down the horde. 

In the arms of Andrea, Amy takes her last breath and dies,
And Andrea is inconsolable, she breaks down and cries… 


Merle Dixon is still handcuffed and is shouting in fear, 
He screams to God to help him,  the walkers are near.
They hear him screaming and bang on the locked door,
Merle gains his composure, he's not asking God anymore. 
Merle handcuffed on roof of store
He sees a handsaw knocked down in their rush to leave,
He reaches over to grab it, he can get it he believes.
The group arrive at the camp and Rick sees everyone:
Shane, his partner,  Lori, his wife  and Carl, his son. 

Rick tells Lori that he knew she and Carl were not dead, 
"The family albums had been taken from our home," he said. 
Rick meets Daryl, and tells him about Merle's plight, 
It's his brother they left there, Daryl  is angry and wants to fight. 
Rick agrees to go to Atlanta with Daryl and look everywhere,
And also Glenn and T-Dog, who feels guilty he left Merle there.
While they're gone, Lori speaks to Shane about their affair,
She tells him to stay away from her, he says it's not fair. 

The woman in the group are in the quarry getting things clean,
When Carol's husband, Ed, shouts at her, Andrea intervenes. 
Ed slaps Carol and Shane who is angry, beats up Ed,
Shane says if he sees him abuse anyone again, he's dead.  
Back in Atlanta, the four men arrive at the store,
They make they way up to the rooftop once more.
Darryl runs onto the roof, he starts yelling and crying and,
Rick and the others arrive, there's no Merle, just a severed hand!


Lori is in the woods, berries and plants need to be found,
The survivor camp is hungry, a noise makes her turn round.
Afraid that it's a walker, she stifles a shout,
But it's Shane who appears and they start to make out. 
The voice on the radio tells Rick he can get out,
The walkers are feasting on the horse, he shouts,
Rick grabs his weapon and a grenade by his feet,
He opens the hatch and runs down the street. 

He runs into a young man, who is called Glenn,
They make their way to his hideaway den. 
When they reach it, a gun is pointed at Rick's head,
"You have compromised the group," a female has said.
The woman is called Andrea and she likes to be bad ass,
They hear shots from the rooftop, they run up real fast. 
Merle Dixon is sniping walkers and behaving quite mad,
Morales tries to stop him, Merle beats him up bad. 
Rick takes command of the group and has to act tough,
He decides the best plan is to use his handcuffs.
Merle is left coupled to a pipe on the roof space,
The group hatch a plan to escape, it's not safe. 

They slaughter a walker and drain his blood and guts,
Rick and Glenn are covered, this has to work, no ifs or buts. 
They make their way to a nearby construction site,
The horde ignores them, the plan is working, hold tight.

But then to their horror, a sudden rainstorm begins,
The guts are washing off, the walkers are closing in.
Rick manages to run to the site and get in a truck, 
Glenn hotwires a sports car, that was a piece of good luck. 

Glenn sounds the horn and gives a loud whoop, 
And Rick drives the truck to get to the group.
T-Dog is guarding Merle, Jacqui tells him to flee,
But in his haste to unlock the handcuffs he loses the key. 
To ensure Merle is safe, T-Dog locks the door,
And they run to the truck to escape the gore.
Just outside the city limits, Glenn speeds in his car,
They're headed to their safe zone, it's not that far. 

The Walking Dead: S1 Ep1 – Days Gone By

Rick in his hospital bed.
Rick Grimes  arises from his hospital bed,
The flowers brought to him by Shane, are dead. 
He walks out of the room, there's blood on the floor,
"Don't Open, Dead Inside," is sprayed on a door.
There's fingers clawing between a slight crack,
What's going on? What's that? Rick's taken aback.
He stumbles out into the daylight and sees,
The bodies of people, do they have a disease?

He gets on a bike and rides back to his home,
But it's empty, his wife and his son have flown. 
He meets up with Morgan, who tells him all,
About the demise of the world and its fall.
They go to the police station to find some guns,
Their strategy for killing zombies has just begun,
He hands Morgan a radio, to keep in touch,
Rick wants to find his wife and son he loves so much.

Rick is going to Atlanta, he's driving of course,
He runs out of petrol, so rides a tame horse.
On reaching Atlanta there's a lot of undead,
The horse spooks, Rick falls, he has to use his head.
Iconic scene from The Walking Dead
As the walkers devour the horse of its flesh and its bones,
Rick spies a tank, he can hear the walkers and their moans,
They're getting closer and Rick holds the gun to his head,
Maybe in this world, he'd be better off dead.

He suddenly spies a hatch underneath the tank,
And makes his way quickly, he has the Lord to thank.
He climbs in the tank, an undead soldier is inside,
Rick shoots him,  there was nowhere to hide. 

As Rick decides what on earth he should do,
A voice crackles through the radio, a young dude,
"Hey you, dumbass. Yeah, you in the tank, you cosy in there?"
It's the voice of salvation, something quite rare.